The Power of Promotions

Times have changed, but promoting a quality family-run business isn’t fleeting

Pictured left to right: Tiffany Trotter, Regional Manager, and Shinotta Henderson, General Manager.
Pictured left to right: Tiffany Trotter, Regional Manager, and Shinotta Henderson, General Manager.

Customer service and promoting a business have transformed through the years. Long gone are the days when service attendants pumped gas, washed windshields, all while chatting with regular customers. Those practices are rare features these days, but excellent customer service through targeted promotions and fresh food offerings at Fleetway Markets have kept the family-owned business brand evolving with the times.

Founder Fleet Morris began in his hometown of Columbia in 1949. In 1992, the Fleetway brand was born. The brand has morphed through the years from a single full-service station to 23 locations around the state, boasting modern features, clean spaces and fresh food. Son Bradley Morris and his children Daniel Morris and Emily Morris Carroll run the business today where the focus is still on the customer and community.

Promoting Your Brand, Good Food & Good Times
Fourteen of the locations include Fleetway Market Café featuring plate lunches, fresh salads, picture-perfect pastries, hearty sandwiches, perfect looking parfaits and homemade chips – all made daily on-site. And if you question where they came from, the Fleetway logo on a sticker is proudly adorned on each item, while team members describe the love and time it takes to prepare each item. It’s no secret, the family-run business is proud of the brand and want the community to know first-hand.

Promoting the brand extends beyond a sticker, though. Fleetway Markets have been selling Mississippi Lottery games since the lottery’s launch in November 2019. At many of the locations, the lottery games are prominently displayed right near the food line, so people can have a little fun playing the games while they wait in line for their food.

Fleetway also has found success in on-site promotions by joining forces with the lottery and other vendors. Live radio broadcasts, spin-to-win wheels, fuel giveaways, free samples and swag can all be found at these lively events. Some of these events even have a county fair type feeling to them, bringing in people from all over the community.

“Partnerships like these are important for us while we work to expand the Fleetway Market brand,” said Emily Morris Carroll, director of marketing. “We get to spend the whole day with the local community and give out fun prizes, food samples and merch!”

Aside from being fun, promotional events are an excellent way for retailers to break up the monotony in the day and showcase the strengths of the store and its other vendors.

Please contact your lottery sales representative if you are interested in having an on-site promotion at your location.